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There was never any intent to separate a belief in God and biblical principles when the constitution was drafted.

Can you elaborate? This thought is incomplete at best. What do you mean "separate a belief"?

Most countries have a government that is founded on some religious belief or system, good or bad, true or false.

Relevance? Group think? What are you implying?

I know that most people who are atheist and evolutionist obviously don't believe in a heaven or hell.

Not most, all.

Most think of God (Jesus) as some mythical being and the bible a collection of fairy tales with no truth or bearing on peoples lives.

Accurate, though the last assertion is wrong. It most certainly does have a bearing on lives. Hence, we have lots of problems in society that originate from myth.

I have heard Richard Dawkins and others make the statement, "prove that there is a God".


There are two ways to prove that God exists. One is the fact that bad people are changed into loving people and that everywhere the gospel has been preached there have been multitudes of people at least believe in God for a short time and some who become lifelong followers. The second way is just as convincing. When everyone who is not a believer stands before God at judgement time and find themselves in torment in a hell that they didn't believe in previously, they will finally know the truth about God and the bible.

This is not proof of any gods. Do you know what reasonable evidence is? Do you know what confirmation bias is? Do you know what false correlations are?

I hope everyone who reads this will consider it carefully as it is the most important decision you will ever make.

I suspect you wrote this post because of a faith-command that you feel obliged to follow (proselytizing) rather than a genuine interest in the free exchange of ideas with people who respect carefully crafted positions about moral and ethical issues.

But welcome anyway.


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