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Welcome Newbie,

everything will come to pass just as it has been written in the bible.

So Jesus will come back during the lifetimes of those who heard him? Did someone forget to write that down?

Go look up Pascal's Wager.

And yes, it is always good to hear new and fresh ideas about the existence of God and the divinity of Jesus. Unfortunately, you don't have any.

When everyone who is not a believer stands before God at judgement time and find themselves in torment in a hell that they didn't believe in previously, they will finally know the truth about God and the bible.

This sentiment has always seemed a little sadistic to me. Kind of a "gotcha moment," when Christians laugh at all the unfortunate non-believers and scream, "I told you so!"

Sun, 11 Mar 2012 19:23:15 UTC | #926225