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I just finished the book (plus a free CD) I received yesterday from RDFRS US.

It is very good, well written and demonstrates what a true American Citizen should and can be like. The goals and plans are admirable and realistic, if the Secular Coalition can bring enough people, reason and finance to the table - and eventually attain a tipping-point in public perceptions.

If US politics continue in a better direction in this years Presidential elections, and those scary theocrats get soundly beaten, then the USA will rise back up in my own opinion, viewed nervously from Toronto.

There are many obstacles ahead, but the outlook has recently brightened on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks to great and productive efforts by Freethinkers of all kinds, especially RDFRS, for which I give many thanks. I hope the Reason Rally is a huge success for all involved - wish I could be there.

Peace, Think, Imagine.

Sun, 11 Mar 2012 20:59:11 UTC | #926252