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don't think any amount of persuasion or dialog that I would post would or could change the minds of those who have already convinced themselves that there is no God.

On the contrary, we would be absolutely delighted to be persuaded, if anyone came up with any evidence at all. You haven't.

It is easier for a child to enter the Kingdom of God than an intellectual because their minds haven't been polluted by the ways of the world and the speculations and wisdom of man.

... because children, to a certain age, will believe anything they are told, and do not yet have the intellectual capacity to question the information they are given. Children also believe in santa claus and fairies and imaginary friends and monsters under the bed.

Then we grow up.

I only proclaim that Jesus is who He says that He is

Jesus, if he ever existed, is now dead. He "is" not who he says he is, because he doesn't exist, any more than Shakespeare or Julius Cesear or my grandmother. What evidence do you have otherwise?

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