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Are any of you guys who are posting here even hunters? Do you have any knowledge of wildlife policies? 800 wolves in ONE state is not a small number. Even one wolf can cause havoc on other wildlife forms, now consider that they travel in packs......No one is saying that we should wipe out the wolves, they do play a role in keeping Elk and Deer populations down, as well as other ecological benefits. But you shouldn't put so much doubt in Fish and Game or other Wildlife agencies. They will only put out a limited number of wolf tags. I live in Montana, we had a wolf hunting season and It was very successful, I don't even think all the tags were filled and they considered extending the season another couple weeks before they decided against it. There's nothing wrong with hunting wolves as long as we make sure we don't over-hunt them and manage the wolf population. I think my state has done a great job at managing our wolf population and keeping it at a healthy population level. As for you guys saying that people just want to hunt wolves for "financial" purposes, I don't think you have any clue what you're talking about. Most people don't hunt for "financial" purposes, it's not about money, it's about their love for the outdoors and traditional ethical hunting. Hunters aren't just mindless barbarians who just want to wipe everything out. Hunting is apart of our nature, we've been doing it for million of years, going back to Homo Erectus possibly. "Ukvillafan" says that humans don't even need to eat meat........Really? So we should all become vegetarians because killing other animals(which is completely natural) is bad? I assure you that it's not as simple as "people just wanting to kill wolves just so we can kill more of our domesticated stocks". It's true for some people, mainly farmers, and there's nothing wrong with their opinion, but most hunters don't own farms or livestock. We can manage wolf populations at a healthy level that works for everyone. I think the fact that this Native American group had to resort to religion, just shows a lack of real argument on their part.

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