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Two comments that grabbed my attention over the last few days....

1) from the head of Stonewall in the UK. " People who don't approve of same-sex marriage should take care not marry someone of the same sex."

2) from a comedian on 10o'clock live (UK channel 4) "why is it that many of the people most opposed to gay marriage seem to spend alot of time on their knees begging a man to come for the second time."

My opinion .... Marriage should simply be a civil / government issued license between 2 consenting adults. Religions may then add whatever special woo to that after the event. In Italy the church may not conduct a marriage, only the state. IE its off to the town hall first and over to the church later for a service, although the second part is in serious decline in Italy. Downside in Italy is that the church still has alot of political influence so same-sex marriage is along way off here.

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