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I just finished reading this book today. I've been reading everything I can lately about the history and nature of the American evalgelical movement and with every new perspective I gain, the more concerned I get.

Meanwhile, despite the overt influence that this movement is having on the public policy issues emerging from the Republican nomination race, the mainstream media refuses to identify the elephant in the room. They accept that religion is an issue but fail to point out the true nature of the power structure leading the religious voice in American policy debates today.

As Stewart beautifully illustrates in her book, this power structure is something far more strategic and goal directed than most people are willing to let sink in. And it is far more infiltrated into American political and cultural institutions at all levels, than most people dare imagine.

We all laugh at the stupidity of the ideas upon which these people base their justification for power, but we too easily dismiss them as lunacy that can't possibly be taken seriously by the masses. That is probably true, but their strategy doesn't require the consent of the masses.

Americans seriously need to wake up to what is happening on the ground all over the country. Humanity needs an intellectually sound America. I echo Richard's advise that everyone should read this book.

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