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“I do believe there are things I can’t know".

That is not a contention..there are many things that we will never know!

"I do believe that there are things beyond the human mind"

If a human mind can conceive that there is something beyond it then it is not beyond a human mind to address that which is beyond. This is a circular argument and patently is also unworthy and petulant fluffy bollix.

"and oddly enough, I respect those things"

Then you a gibbering posturing fool once removed from a drooling theist.

Nothing to see hear...who fucking listens to the boring old fart anyway?

" and to cadge a lift on faith, for atheists, seems to me a bit of a last resort.”

Atheists don't need a lift on faith cadged or otherwise...we are only interested in dismantling the arrogant delusional thing once and for all.

Bragg needs to focus a lot more on substance rather then play and pretend 'reasonable sceptic' to middle England...who hardly bother with him anyway except as a dinner party 'feather in the cap' and name dropper.

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