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He has a point. Is it reasonable to criticise religion? You can't answer that question by saying "I care about what's true" like Dawkins says. There are many false beliefs that people have and you don't spend your time criticising all of them. Therefore, you base your criticism of religion on something else. It probably isn't something very rational or scientific like you, as an atheist, would like to think.

I, like most people here, base my criticism of religion on the fact that it infringes on my life and freedom on a daily basis. I couldn't give a toss what fairy tales people choose to believe if only they would keep them to themselves, but no, they expect and often demand that their nonsensical false beliefs should hold sway over government policies, lawmaking and education. All of which should be influenced only by the available facts and all of which also affect me and millions of others.

Is that rational enough for you?

Actually, no. Or rather, it depends on where you are coming from. For different people it is rational to do different things. I don't have the prejudice that we all have the same moral notions or care about "freedom". Maybe I care more about my family then about my freedom. Then it could be rational not to criticise religion. There are many different situations people find themselves in. I don't have the need to generalise like many atheists do.

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