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It seems Brag, Delia Smith & Warsi are scared of people who are finally expressing their world view and fighting for human right and dignity. Something has been refused to many for last two thousand years at least. And if Richard Dawkins has problems with Islamic oppression as some claim, I must say we are lucky to have someone who isn't afraid of the institutions. As a woman I can confirm that I and many women deep down feel fortunate to call ourselves Humanists and I can see some are scared of us. We come in peace, we don't have the tactics of using 'Hell' to abuse the mass and we are able to converse without spreading hate. 'Progressive Human' is what we stand for. Don't be so afraid! As for Brag or Smith, I shall see them from a different light from now on. Alas!

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 14:29:13 UTC | #926950