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And I simply do not get this habit among the bigoted proponents of marriage inequality of pointing to the fact that the majority of children are born into heterosexual partnerships and raised by their biological parents.

Yeah? So?

It's not like having some discriminatory institution called "marriage" present in society is what keeps that happening. It's not like heterosexual reproduction is in any way dependent on marriage customs. It's not like people will suddenly stop doing that when marriage becomes equal and non-discriminatory. It's not like the marriage equality in Canada and Sweden and the Netherlands has stopped heterosexual procreation from happening.

The biological urge to procreate and nurture children is fairly fundamental to human biology. The cultural trimmings around it are the flimsiest kind of window-dressing. It doesn't need cultural trimmings to sustain it or make it special in the minds of the people who do it. Likewise, homosexual love will still be present in all human societies however much the culture tries to stamp it out. The last two millennia of savage bigotry have amply confirmed that.

Whereas things like tolerance and respect and equality - which fly in the face of our inherited primate urges toward in-group and out-group conflict and dominance hierarchy - THOSE need to be promoted and valued and talked up with cultural institutions. Those things are the things we can do something about, and do need to work on.

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