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I don't see what atheism has to do with supporting gay marriage. What people think about marriage is different in different cultures, but I don't see the necessary connection with atheism.

I could not agree more. I also think the myth that support for gay marriage is somehow the 'rational' choice should be dispelled. Certain causes have more or less hijacked the whole arena of rationality in recent the extent that the proverbial 'most people' dare not even question whether they are actually founded on rationality...for want of getting a '-phobe' of some sort hurled in their direction.

I object to the subtle twisting of facts that 'supports' this alleged rationality. One example, and it is in one of the above articles and also on a BBC article and a Guardian article, is the insertion of questions like ' when exactly did love come into marriage ?' The implication being that prior to the 18th century or so......nobody could possibly have married anyone because they loved them. So it is then implied that love in marriage is solely a modern thing and doesn't have a long history anyway........which really is complete and utter nonsense.

I object to these sort of subtle revisionisms that seem to be quietly acquiesed to in order to make the cause 'rational'. I object to the whole idea that this is simply an argument over the meaning of 'marriage'.....when in fact to a great many people the debate over the word 'normal' was never resolved first but simply bullied into resolution by political correctness.

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