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This article has so many biased semantics... I'd even go so far as to say "weasel words". "Tactics" for example, and "mega"church... also "infected", which is not part of the quotes for a reason. And worse, as much as I disagree with the actions taken by these Christian organizations, they're acting within the law.

There's no proposed solution here, and the obvious solutions aren't fair --- we can't ban kids from preaching to each other (as "preaching" is ambiguous and could lead to a slippery slope of losing free speech rights) and we can't ban churches from preaching to the kids outside of school because it's stepping on freedom of religion.

What's the alternative? Perhaps we could get kids to spread the word of Islam or anti-theism by abusing the same loophole (in order to demonstrate to the Christians why it's wrong) but two wrongs don't make a right, and we don't want to indoctrinate children. We could make activities like See You at the Pole adult-free (thus actually driven only by kids), but that's a chance for kids to abuse an activity that is chaperone-free.

I totally agree with raising awareness about this issue, but awareness is only half the fight, and I don't personally see a good solution to the question "so what do we do about it?" Does anyone have an answer?

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