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Comment 111 by Quine :

Re Comment 103 by susanlatimer, thanks Susan, I made it through but have to go purge now. After a rest from it, I will write a blog entry taking apart their "arguments." President Nixon learned that its not the crime but the attempt to cover up the crime that can really get you. Some of this book it like that; the attempt to cover up their nonsense by constructing "reasonable" excuses only goes to make it stand out all the more. That would be useful to get up on the tubes before they try to "stump" us with it at the Reason Rally (which you know you should be attending!).

Consider posting it also on RDnet as a discussion...

Comment 113 by susanlatimer :

I can imagine. I just read an excerpt from the first chapter and I had to run and put on safety goggles half-way through.

I read that excerpt too... They have definitely slimed the terms 'faith' and 'reason' to the point of them becoming very slippery and devious...

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