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They are so precious these jeebus wailer's...and the more ignorant and bigoted they are the more fearful they become and the more ridiculous they act and behave !

They are jumping at shadows little kiddies on Halloween

Most of them are already a laughing stock or are trying very hard to be so!

This particular muppet just raised the profile of the event is all.

With Fox news in the mix it will be no doubt that they will demonize atheism any opportunity they get but when 'nothing' happens, a cowardly xian community might get a little prickle of confusion over the messages, they are expecting Armageddon, they will only get matey who will be the pastor that drools utter sensationalist ''end times rhetoric in the eyes of the world.

And yet they see an event that seems so well organised and successful and above all happy, they will wonder just what the fuss was about, this 'message' of atheist marauders gets watered down and 'screaming wolf' gets a downgraded reception from the faithful in future, they heard it all before, it is nonsense, slowly rationality perculates into the collective consciences and just might encourage questions, then just maybe it might dawn on them that they are being lied to and manipulated by the Jeebus-R-Uz clones, they might learn, they might not, but it will seem 'strange' and not as advertised.

It will offer doofus no particular good and might even bring his version of xianity into disrepute, and he will not even be aware of that, they are not very savvy when it comes to common sense rationality.

It will not stop the lies though, it is after all the only thing left in their arsenal. But maybe the recipients of those lies might not actually react to them any-more, when that happens then it is indeed all over now baby blue for the clowns!

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