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← Chaplain Demands Atheists Canceled At Fort Bragg - Chaplain Thinks Organizers Want to Set Fire to Churches

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Cpt. Williams claims, "It has now been made blatantly public by [event] organizers that part of this event will be... glorifying violence against people who possess a faith in God through the burning of churches. This is appalling!"

When you have no intelligent or reasoned answers to to criticisms, lying for Jebus is the usual standard!

Comment 10 by MarkOnTheRiver

[Chaplain (Captain) Chuck Williams]

Oh come on now, 'fess up you organisers. Chucky here has got to be a Poe. Surely the US Army would never promote to captain, such a feeble minded idiot. . . would they?

Come off it Mark! This is a theological rank, not a tactical or technical one! - It's a bit like "doctorates", A (Doctor of Divinity) DD degree is not a PhD.
Evangelicals NEED a badge of authority as they lack any reasoned evidence view!

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