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Does Conservatism Have to Be Synonymous With Ignorance?

It does not have to be...but these days it is! I suppose it all depends on how one defines the term Conservatism

All to often there are only a few strands to that cable...mostly hatreds...

(1) Taxes...Conservatives detest them at any level....simply because they go private and pay enough for that in any service and fail to understand that not everyone else can so why should they pay for the lazy and the poor?...and they do not particularly care either.

(2) Immigration...Conservatives tend to blame the ills of the world on that aspect of society and besides they do not want to understand the culture or the circumstances...after all any misfortune will be the immigrants fault by default.

(3) Single mothers...Same basic reasons as (2) but with the righteous nose turned up at those promiscuous gals that get into trouble simply because they are feckless and careless . Rape is never the man's fault...his truly manly passions were inflamed by those Jezebels. And that alone means they must suffer for their sins with enforced pregnancy and no abortion at any price except if private very expensive and discrete.

(4) Science...Because they have not a clue what it is or how it works.

(5) Exclusiveness...the plebs in the street can not be allowed to have access to education...after all where would the minions come from if they get educated. The plebs must be ....flexible...with no rights and no state financial aid because then they must work or starve...and if they work be grateful enough to receive a pittance and be aware when the market turns they are expected to go elsewhere without complaint or attitude.

And underpinning all these charming little foibles...Conservatism means....

(6) Religion is sacrosanct...the plebs should go to church and learn how to be ...plebs!

They no doubt harbour other cute ideas that benefit a certain section of society...and are rather draconian to the majority...but the point is the ignorance is biblically could they possibly be wrong!...Jeebus say's so...what more need be said!

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