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The quick answer to the question is yes.

However, though it irks me deeply, I must draw a deeper separation between the GOP ignoramuses and the Roman Catholic Church than that in Lawrence's article. He doesnt actually poiint out clearly enough that Santorum (and Gingritch) are completely at odds with the teachings and scientifc positions of the RCC they claim to be such good fathful menbers of. As I write in one of my common vernacular peppered blog posts on a US based atheist mates guest web log:

On the matters of fair wealth distribution across society; social welfare safety nets; healthcare policy; market regulation; workers rights and unions; climate change science; the use of torture; the use of imprisonment and detention without charge; capital punishment; immigration policy; and, war and conflict the Roman Catholic Church holds diametrically opposed views to the GOP. In fact the only common positions that the two share are a loathing for and fight against LGBT equalities, and fighting any form of abortion and contraception access for women.

Yeah....I was so mad when writing it I missed off Evolution on that list.

Look up "Dave The Sandman" and you can find my stuff. NB: Its very much NSFW.

Anyways.....IMHO the anti-science and anti-intellectualsm rife in the US GOP has its roots prmarily in economic reasons rather than doctrinal ones. Religion is just the mask they hide their greed and callousness behind.

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