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I appreciate that someone like Sean Faircloth can still express his views on NPR but I would like to offer an opinion of their condition as of late. I have, for quite sometime, been a listener and viewer of both NPR & PBS but I have noticed a great deal of pandering to the religious as of late. Even today on a Thursday as soon as I turned on NPR while making coffee this morning the first thing I hear is a commentary that was religious in nature. I have written to them to express my opinion on this condition but I don't feel it made much of an effect. I think they see the dollars that need to be generated and feel the large base of the religiously deluded in America will get on board if they keep throwing them a bone. I really disgusts me, these use to be venues where you used to be able to acquire unbiased reporting but the times they are a changing.

Thu, 15 Mar 2012 17:44:25 UTC | #927535