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Conservatism doesn't just mean the desire to conserve things as they are. They could advocate a slower pace of change over something seen as unpredictable and potentially dangerous... in many cases not a bad idea.

As my lecturer has pointed out, for example, "chemical engineering is inherently a conservative industry." Naturally the field is consistently advancing (for the benefit of us all) yet many organisations will prefer to use tried and tested technology first to avoid very costly (and indeed often incredibly dangerous) mistakes with newer technologies. The same argument could be made in politics.

I am quite sympathetic with many fiscal conservatives who advocate a balanced budget. Say what you want, eventually that deficit has to be repaid!

I suspect peoples' views of conservatism are tainted by the fact that it is the social and Christian conservatives who scream the loudest. There are such things as Republicans For Choice and the Log-cabin Republicans (gay rights)!

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