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← Moroccan girl commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist

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Some activist groups in Morocco are campaigning to repeal the law (Article 475) that allowed this terrible practice of requiring a rape victim to marry the rapist.

Here's an online petition:

Some articles which provide additional background on this case: Campaign for Moroccan legal reform after teen rape victim’s suicide Morocco outraged over suicide of girl who was forced to marry her rapist

"Filali said Amina complained to her mother that her husband was beating her repeatedly during the five months of marriage but that her mother counseled patience."

"Morocco on Thursday said it would amend a law allowing rapists to marry their underage female victims after the suicide of a teenage girl raised doubts about the effectiveness of reforms to women's rights in the country. Sixteen-year-old Amina El-Filali killed herself last week near the northern city of Larache by swallowing rat poison after a six-month forced marriage to the man who raped her."

"Local media reports say that the girl complained to her family about her mistreatment at the hands of the man who raped her - but they disowned her, prompting her to take her own life. Witnesses say her husband became so outraged when she drank the poison he dragged her down the street by her hair - and she died shortly afterwards."

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