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Seems the most bizarre revelation is that 'Catweazle could not heal the rift...

And the C of E god is totally absent and patently 'face... not bothered' about the whole escapade!

How can a deity give not a 'creator two fuck fandango' what is happening in his church...a church that represents a whole country and allow Catty' to go to the wall without a flicker of interest...seems someone including a layabout waste of faith son that seems more interested in persecuting homosexuals and human rights in Africa then being an allround good egg is also very apparent by his absense!, therefore easy to conclude that 'worship...they is doing it wrong!'

But not if they are , hateful, intolerant and bigoted , superstitious, sexually incompetent, delusionally ignorant old men playing modern day witch doctor..then it all makes sense!...

Of course when you look deeper the dripping blade of avarice ambition and power lust flickers certainly in the hands of one sunbeam for jeebus.

Et tu Sentamu....

But there might well be a further dark side, when, indeed if, Sentumu becomes the elected top doggy, apparently a shoe in according to several sources, then the C of E will be riven into shards and schism is high on the agenda, a fact that Catweazle actually admits if you read his statement.

There is no appetite to heal the wounds, the evangelicals want carte blanch to discriminate and be free to do what evangelicals do...which is basically ditch rationality completely... and the moderates are too liberal to affect a major opposition.

Question is which side is Sentamu batting for?

And would the Colonel Blimps, Jed the ploughman, Horace the game keeper and Lady Marjories in the country support such a candidate...would the village green still echo to the vapidity of the annual fete? In such the traditional time honoured manner?

Scuttlebutt suggests that a creationist doofus like Sentamu is in fact very sympathetic to the evangelical cause, and what is not said is that the African diocese are the king maker in this scenario.

Far more so then they were last time a top doggy needed electing for a pointless post. How power ebbs and flows when jeebus is the chairman of the board?

A powerful block and very influential, a fact not missed by the competition, seems Benny baby is well aware that to keep the RC's scrawny necks out of the noose, they need to diversify and rape financially and morally the sub continent....ruthlessly...and that is precisely what they are doing. It is so easy tis almost a pleasure to dupe the knowledge poor and superstitious. And they will and they are...hence the upsurge in the importance of African interests and how to harness the folk magiks so prevalent throughout the continent that the task is to basically replace voodoo hierarchy of traditional African tribal worship with a twisted and force fitted form of xianity

They are xians being is what they have been doing for centuries. The western world had become very barren for their pickings...a fact Catweazle admitted during the royal wedding drone of 'woe is xianity'....except in the backward bible belt areas of course.

What is also a facet is the extreme religiosity that the cults and conmen need to flourish are just belts, they are not coveralls, just thin ridiculous belts of ignorant politically right wing pompousness..and they seem to be thinning in number!

They sense the conmans sense that the time is well and truly up for the exploitation, ...they need fresh virginal blood to slurp...they are eyeing Africa with drooling fangs and acquisition of mineral deposits in their hearts.

But the major question in all this is...


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