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No real suprise that this weird old fool is steeping down.Predictably the press is full of praise for his scholarship,intellect and humanity.He is now off to head up Magdelene based upon his doctor of Divinity qualification, he will also get a life peerage.Richard is wholly unsuited for the post as all his many qualifications are based upon science and fact and he deals only with evidence not complete and utter idiocy.It would be fun though wouldn't it if we all put together a recommendation,ensuring the press gets to hear of it,for Richard to ascend this throne!!! I have a request; we atheists and secularists are routinely referred to as 'Aggressive Militants' henceforth we should refer to all xtians not as evangelicals but as 'Agressive Militant christians,or muslims etc.

Sat, 17 Mar 2012 12:09:53 UTC | #928065