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This is classic fear-mongering, and well below what any officer in the military should do. (Currently serving, AGR, so I get to say what's what. ;} The good captain is so far out of line saying that atheists are out to do violence that it isn't making me angry but perplexed... when did atheists start burning down churches or beating people up? Sure, we give zealots shit about the silliness they promote, but hey, that's just me doing my natural human duty. (Who says I don't any work for free?)

To be fair most chaplains are good people and don't get worked up like this gent, although all are most definitely of the 'fervent' type. My favorite was a CPT who always put her arm out to the side and up, palm facing front, exactly as if she was being 'sworn under oath', and would talk the entire time like that. I called her Deus Ex Antenna, or The God Antenna. (Anyone know if there is a Latin word for 'antenna', or an equivalent?) ;}

non est deus

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