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Matt, you're suffering from a psychosis, a delusion, a mental defect - and as your neighbour I would explain this to you while we talked over the fence line. As a psychologist I would explain it to you in a calm, rational and professional manner. You have an emotional attachment to you faith, hence your offence being felt at those who criticise it.

Out of curiosity, are you a practicing psychologist, and do you treat any patients just for having religious convictions? When dealing with patients, is it part of the therapy to get rid of their faith, if they have one? If yes, how?(in general terms).

It sure was rather surpisingly easy for me to be 'cured' of this 'psychosis' need from professionals, just some nice long talks with myself on the issue and, by reaching a conclusion, the matter was settled...I guess now that I decided I don't believe or want to be part of any religion my brain somehow recovered from the defect?...well sure wish it was so with this damn OCD of mine...that one seems to not want to go away so easily...

Sat, 17 Mar 2012 19:53:44 UTC | #928135