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Here we go again! Can someone tell me, how important is the Washington Times? Is it widespread?

"To suggest that there is some kind of fundamental equivalence between Professor Dawkins and an ape is not only demeaning, it is outright incredible. It is also indecent, since there is something almost blasphemous about a person putting himself on the same level as an animal."

Really? How bad can it be since the almighty supposedly placed us on the same planet with animals? Strange...

"The truth is that we have all been created in God's image. Fallen though we are, we still bear the divine stamp in our being. We must never forget that. Above all, we must not teach our children that they come from animals. Not only is this untrue, but if we tell them that they are animals they will eventually start acting like animals. We need to teach them there is something more to human than the physical nature we share with the animal world."

They will start acting like animals... I mean, what planet is this guy on? Can't be planet earth!!! Humans breathe like animals. The eat like other animals. They reproduce like animals. They socially interact like animals. They die like animals.

What more is there? Oh, the fact that humans are capable of believing that they are special! Of course, we must teach our children that it is very important to think of ourselves as more important and advanced than the rest of life on earth ... That'll keep us from becoming arrogant and destroying the planet.

"Some people may think that Dawkins' self-description is a sign of humility, but the opposite may well be the case. Dawkins is a man who has been generously endowed with considerable abilities but who stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the source of gifts."

Well, there is nothing to acknowledge. Therefore there is nothing to be either arrogant or humble about.

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