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"To give an idea of the distance separating the two creatures, below are some things that Richard Dawkins can do, but which an ape – African or otherwise – could never do:"

Read a novel ... Reflect on his own existence how can he know? Enjoy a Shakespeare play how can he know? Wonder about the meaning of life how can he know? Appreciate a Beethoven symphony how could he possibly know??? Think about the theory of evolution ... Dream about his future how can he even begin to think he knows that???? Perceive right and wrong PLAIN WRONG! Complete a crossword puzzle ... Contemplate the size of the universe sure? Form a mental concept of God" I very much hope for the ape that he doesn't bother with that!

Where are the quotations of studies that back up his claims which he uses to make his waterproof argument? Oh, I forgot, it must of course say so in the bible!!!

Can anyone give me the bible quotation that says apes don't know about right and wrong? Or that they don't like music? No? Oh...

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