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Here we go again! Can someone tell me, how important is the Washington Times? Is it widespread?"

The Washington Times is owned by Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church. His followers believe he is the Messiah and the Second Coming of Christ.

There was a period in 2010 when they stopped receiving funds from the church and had to fire 40% of its staff, stopped publishing a Sunday edition, and began distributijng the paper for free (especially to government officials). However, they are back to receiving church funds now (they couldn't stay open without it).

The Washington Post is thought to be "liberal" (it's not - but just because it didn't conform to the twisted realities on the Right it was labelled as such... same reasons why there is a Fox News). So Republican officials and their underlings in DC read the Washington Times instead. So, it does have a lot of influence with that group. It also is thought to be responsible for the Washington Post's movement to the Right (especially seen in its OpEd pages) which has really hurt its brand as a trusted news source.

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