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I think an African Gorilla can manage some of these.

Read a novel

Probably not.

Reflect on his own existence

I think so.

Enjoy a Shakespeare play

What about The Three Stooges?

Wonder about the meaning of life

Concocting meaningless questions is no great skill to have.

Appreciate a Beethoven symphony

Why not?

Think about the theory of evolution

It seems that half the U.S.A. is in the same boat.

Dream about his future

There is strong scientific evidence that they do.

Perceive right and wrong

Not by human standards, but many humans fail at this as well.

Complete a crossword puzzle

Probably not.

Contemplate the size of the universe

A gorilla cannot contemplate the size of the universe, neither can you, and the degree to which we both fail is insignificant.

Form a mental concept of God

Gorillas can imagine things that don't exist, just like you. The gorilla cannot form a mental concept of a thing that is everywhere, and nowhere, omnibenevolent and perfectly just, etc., but that is no great failure.

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