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I think I've heard Christians say before that God is a person. They believe humans were created in its image so presumably this god is some kind of human. Why would God have a gender? Good question but why would God have anything God has? None of it makes any sense to begin with.

I use the word 'he' because I'm talking about a god that people conceive of as a he. If I was talking to a pagan or a hindu about one of their female gods I would use 'she'. Since I don't actually believe in any of them anyway I'll accept whatever they want to say God is and argue against that. If they believe God's a he God's a he for the sake of the argument. If they believed God was a celestial hedgehog with asthma I would go along with that too for the sake of the argument. When the whole thing is preposterous why split hairs? Why stop at why would God have genitals? Why would God have a body?

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