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Hi Richard,

When I went back to BlogTV it worked much better, so who knows what really goes on behind the scenes with these streaming things.

Anyhow, I was glad to see you'll be coming to San Diego soon and I hope to get an autograph or two from you either before or after your talk. Would it be out of line to ask that you sign both The God Delusion and the first book of yours that I ever read, The Blind Watchmaker?

I met you very briefly at the first Beyond Belief conference in 2006 and should have done it then, but there were so many super-heroes of science in that room I was having too much fun talking to as many of them as possible for three ecstatic days - and they were real discussions, with nary a peep about the local sports teams for once. My friend and I were starved for the kind of company we got there and loved every minute of it.

Onward and Upward,

Jeff W.

PS: Say hello to Peter Atkins for me: we met at the 2007 conference and were having a great time until some emergency was announced and we all had to leave the building.

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