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Please, please, I gotta tell this joke:

Actually, God made Eve first, put her in the Garden, and went off to take care of some matters elsewhere in the universe. After a month God returned and said, "Well, Eve, how'd it going?"

Eve said, "Oh, Lord, thank you so much for creating me and for putting me in this Garden with all the beautiful plants and animals! The only thing is, well, I don't like to complain, but it does sometimes get lonely here. It would be so nice to have a companion."

God said, "No problem--you can have a companion. I'll make one for you. It's called a man. You'll like him. He will be taller and stronger than you, and a hard worker, and he'll be able to satisify--um--certain physical desires you may have. Just one thing you need to understand about a man: he has a big ego. If he finds out I created you first, he's gonna get all bent out of shape. So we'll pretend that I created him first, and keep it as our own secret, just between us girls."

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