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Sister Mary Ann Walsh, said Mr. Donohue was incorrect.

'Donkey breath Donohue always brays utter bollix in defence of his delusion...but mostly it is not greatly appreciated by the 'crows'...more an embarrassment then an asset apparently...but the church feel that they need all the help they can get when dealing with media and the lower echelon faithful.

Just that 'donkey breath does far more damage then good in their cause...but most RC fans are not known for deep thought so he tends to befuddle them with bullshite with no great difficulty. The Vatican realises that and allow him a free pass..and possibly a few 'hail Mary's' The cynicism is cold and calculated!...and therefore carries that typically theist stench of corruption and self interest.

“There is no national strategy,”

Yes there is...Benny baby wants all 'katolic con-artists to spout the same line of prevarication and threats to anyone that might have cause to seek compensation.

The letter to his minions spells it out quite blatantly...pedo priests were to remain protected and above all the abuse was to be secret

She said there was no meeting where legal counsel for the bishops decided to get more aggressive.

Well not where anyone could see of course...especially the media...I mean you cannot pervert justice when there is anyone watching...that is not what jeebus wants is it?

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