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Quite revealing that the ...

Bishop of Oxford says the Church of England wants the taxpayer to pay for at least 200 new primary and secondary schools to combat the influence of secularism.

So where is jeebus ...where are the 'fistikated feelological' arguments...and where is their god in who's name they have the gall and audacity to request such a privilege?

Seems that their deity could not give two free flying fucks that a well enunciated criticism and smack down does more then a bucket load of 'militant atheists' in the quest to keep the loonies on the path!

More concerned about secularism then their own kiddy fiddlers seemingly!...although they have a ways to go to rival the RC in flagrant obnoxiousness and perversions that even the global porn industry steers well clear still means that they are behaving to the opposition's standards in these matters!

The moderate wing of jeebus-R-Uz are withering on the vine., but the evangelicals will be the toxic fruit and they are out of control...and out of rationality.

They would not think twice about pulling a trigger or wielding a bat..all is for jeebus and they see themselves as his saviour for a change!

They remind me of the crusaders with more faith and righteousness then common sense, they intend real harm...Sentamu is their figure head...and there are one or two more lurking in the vestry for sure! If truth be told seems that this was a game plan Sentamu initiated over 10 years ago, he is evangelical, some say creationist and all say ambitious. Put it all together you have a theocratic and repressive institution that is going to take no prisoners.

What sets them apart is their utter insanity 'married' to sheer unadulterated ignorance, they will lie cheat and steal to get jeebus in, and to keep him there. Maybe even violence would not be a stretch for their holier then thou attitudes. Given their rhetoric and kindergarten 'morality'...would anyone seriously doubt they would not use an armed wing of Jeebus-R-Uz? enforce certain aspects of their bigotry? But whatever 'Faith schools' are their prime target, they will have their delusion...and so shall those kids whether they want them or not!

They know to keep the delusion alive they have to convert and brain wash a better part of a generation of Primary school kids...and they will given half an is all they need...and this abomination of a UK government is quite likely to give them more then they request...because they are so out of touch they still think they are voted for by a majority of xians!

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