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I don't. Richard has called religious indoctrination child abuse. How can you believe in the freedom of child abuse?

... Childhood religious indoctrination is a troubling practice, but for a host of legal, political and cultural reasons, any attempt to ban it is sure to fail, at least in the US.

I would go a lot further than that. If I'm understanding you, you seem to be saying that having the government ban religious indoctrination of children isn't such a bad idea, its just not practical to implement at least in the US. I don't think that's nearly strong enough. I think having the government start to dicatate what a parent can tell their child is a terrible idea in and of itself. Once we start down that path we are on the way to fascism or communism, where there are ideas that are sanctioned by the state and communicating the wrong ideas is a crime. Its exactly the opposite direction from the ideals of the enlightenment -- which to me are the core of secularism.

Atheism, secularism will eventually win out because they are good ideas, backed up by facts and reason. To even begin to rely on force to make that happen is a terrible step in the wrong direction.

In fact that kind of idea is ironically the strawman of militant secularism that this article is making fun of. I guess the people who are paranoid over militant secularists may have at least some justification after all.

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