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Well you learn something everyday:

shatners bassoon
The part of the brain that contains the musical instrument captain kirk of the USS Enterprise owned in 1967 and used to perform to the crew on Friday nights around stardate 16 400 supplimental. Spock,

Bones and Scotty occassionaly made up the woodwind quartet with their own instruments - The saxaphone, picollo and English horn to the delight of the crew. Bones (To Spock) : Spock you confounded fool the captain has been flying solo since 8pm on his basoon! Spock (To Bones) : Facinating.. Scotty (To All) : Come on! We've gotta help him, grab your instruments and meet me on the bridge. All : (Musical Mayhem)

Shatner's Bassoon

I always thought a bassoon was an ill wind that nobody blew any good.

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