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I think you are missing my point. According to my standards these are Muslims that are fine with me. But, their faith mandates that apostates be killed. Their view that apostates should have free speech yatta yatta, is something that their faith doesn't teach. Maybe to say they are bad people because they don't follow ever tenant is unfair, but they certainly are being unIslamic by claiming such views.

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Comment 10 These are not ''Liberal Muslims'' these are bad Muslims.

Comment 11 Punishment for blasphemy, for example, is really very Islamic indeed.

Religions have evolved, and as such have differing interpretations and ways they handle and live out their holy texts. To attack these people as bad Muslims, or to define all of Islam as intolerant because of the fundamentalists is to over simplify the idea of religion.

Agreed. I'm still mystified by the idea of Christians who don't believe that the bible is literally true, but they do exist, and many of them label themselves as "liberal" Christians. "Liberal" Muslims would be the Islamic version --- Muslims who don't subscribe to a literal reading of their holy books. So they aren't speaking in violation of their faith, but rather the faith subscribed to by fundamentalists. Basically, Ranting Socrates, you're employing the No True Scotsman fallacy. They're not "bad" or "wrong" just because they're not "true" Muslims.

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