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and may explain why "militant atheism" has failed to make headway.

true. i've yet to see any evidence of militant atheism anywhere dispite hearing about it all the time

no way am i paying to read all this balls. NS is such an embarrasment at the best of times but now it's sunk to new depths. not only am I not stupid enough to not realise that beleif is part our evolved psyche i'm also not stupid enough to fall for the constant references to a masculine singular that we have apparently evolved to believe in

no "new science" is needed to understand religion. plain old science is fine.

if not resolve ancient tensions, at least reset the terms of the debate.

really???? was it the terms of the debate that were the problem? or was it the fact that one side likes to change position to avoid any direct rational attack? or "reset the terms" if you like

This is not an apologia for god.

oh good, thanks for clearing that up.


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