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For some time I've been waiting for "the science of religion" to start filtering into the mainstream, I want to see this as an episode of Horizon, or to make it into popular press; not as atheism, but as science.

In my greatest dreams, Andy Thomson's wonderful, Why We Believe in God(s) will be turned into a mainstream TV series hosted by Derren Brown. (Brown, after all is the trusted public face of deception by our own faulty psychology.)

So when I saw the NS cover I snapped it up in a heartbeat, excited that the news-stands in supermarkets up and down the land were taking this issue and putting it front and centre. Then I read the editorial on the failure of Militant Atheism and suspected something was amiss.

Sadly, this issue is a lukewarm apology that seems determined not to upset anyone. Without doubt, the editorial team at New Scientist contemplated the potential angry Christians and decided (wrongly) to ensure they didn't get any serious complaints. They wont, from Christians...

Tue, 20 Mar 2012 14:48:13 UTC | #928960