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Of course, the truth or otherwise of religion is not a closed book to science:

Of course it isn't! It has be found to be unevidenced or refuted on every occasion it has be examined.

the existence of a deity can be treated as a scientific hypothesis.

Nope! Scientific Hypotheses start with evidence. Nothing credible has ever been presented for the existence of a deity, let alone for the contrived gods of various religions.

Like it or not, religious belief is ingrained into human nature.

Nope! We are all born atheists! Religious belief comes from indoctrination along with the disabling of critical reasoning processes.

And a good thing too: without it we would still be living in the Stone Age.

Most theocracies would still be, if they were not living parasitically off science derived technologies.

Meanwhile, society is gradually learning to live without religion by replicating its success at binding people together. This is something secularists ought to take seriously.

Oh! dear! The Muppet of the Week, has just confused social structures with the tribalism of religions.

Only by understanding what religion is and is not can we ever hope to move on.

True, but then many "secularists" already know and understand what religion is, and HAVE MOVED ON! It is those still immersed in it who cannot see the way!
Superstition and tribal thinking are areas which have already been scientifically studied!
Meanwhile neuroscientists and psychologists continue with the research.


Could I suggest a new title:- NEW PSEUDOSCIENTIST.

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