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Comment 15 by Jonathan Haidt :

I do not believe the case is proved either way, but I think multi-level selection is "back in the frame," at very least, and it is time for a broader discussion of it -- one conducted with curiosity, not anger.

Should not one find it intellectually dishonest to give a TED talk about a subject without mentioning these possible points of contention? You cite a lack of time and an appeal to a broader audience as reasons to condense your argument, which is understandable, but the end result seemed to me to convey a level of certainty that you are now not willing to get behind.

To a certain percentage of people, such self-assurance will be reason enough to accept your conclusions without doing further research. Do you not find that to be disconcerting?

Tue, 20 Mar 2012 17:20:11 UTC | #929021