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Comment 15 by Jonathan Haidt

I do not believe the case is proved either way, but I think multi-level selection is "back in the frame," at very least, and it is time for a broader discussion of it -- one conducted with curiosity, not anger.

There you go, make it seem like natural selection is considered one dimensional (which it isn't) and because of that false premise you've decided that your ideas should should be discussed. Its all been hashed out in many, many books. Its was written about and analyzed because of curiosity and a desire to understand the natural world. Nobody here is angry, most of us have read about this subject and came to our conclusions through broader discussions. It's not like we all plug out ears and go la la la when the subject comes up.

For those of you who don't want to buy my book, just email me and I'll send you chapter 9

I listened to most of your talk, and if your book is anything like your talk then I feel as if I would be wasting my time. Some of your thoughts are Deepak Chopra like crazy. No thanks.

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