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I'm no scientist, so maybe I'm not getting caught up in the specific nomenclatures that some of you are, but I fail to see the controversy here?

I understand that some of you are emphasizing the semantics of "group selection" vs kin selection, natural selection, group dynamics, etc .... but again, why so "militant"? {that last part was a joke}

But seriously, I didn't see much wrong with this talk, at least from a laymen's perspective. But maybe that's my problem?

At any rate, here are the main points that I took away from his talk. Please let me know how I'm mistaken.

1.) Everyone is "spiritual" in some form or another. This has absolutely nothing to do with actual "spirits" or gods, but everything to do with the simple fact that the human condition and self-transcendence are intertwined and overlapping. The very aspect of "being human" influences our ability to have numinous, transcendental experiences.

2.) Group dynamics are a major influencer on our social constructs, and help dictate which traditions and/or societal norms we gravitate toward.

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