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Russell's teapot doesn't need a solution. Russell's teapot is meant to illustrate that you don't need mountains of evidence to refute claims that are very unlikely given our current knowledge of the way the universe is.

There is so much evidence, that in fact, there is nothing supernatural I would have to say that anyone claiming anything could be supernatural is going to have to have some pretty impressive evidence. Of course, we can't say we know 100% for sure there is nothing supernatural, but that goes for pretty much any claim, even the claim that I have an invisible pink unicorn in my room.

The fact that there is a universe is not in anyway evidence for any deities. The "first mover" problem is akin to the lady who claimed "it's turtles all the way down" when asked what was holding up the turtle that holds up the elephant that holds up the world. If all things need a creator, what created god? If god doesn't need a creator, then you are admitting a creator is not required for all things.

The fine tuning problem is just not understanding physics that well.

We may not know how abiogenesis first happened, but evolution explains all the biological diversity in the world.

Consciousness obviously arises from our physical brains. Drugs, injury and illness that affect the brain all affect consciousness. There is so much evidence "we" are our brains I'm surprised anyone argues otherwise.

There is no problem with reason and logic.

I've never heard of the problem of natural uniformity. Last time I checked nature was NOT uniform, but quite happy to suddenly change, for example an asteroid hitting the earth.

Where do our values come from? Most Christians get their values from the same place atheists do: modern secular values that have arisen since the Enlightenment. This is why "moderate" Christians cherry pick from the bible, rejecting stoning to death people who don't observe the Sabbath, and keeping "do unto others as you would have done to yourself".

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