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This a an important distinction that I have been writing about for some time. I hold to Methodological Naturalism exactly because there is no way to show the absence of the Supernatural. Yes, I know there are those who want to define the Supernatural out of existence, but you can't do that without complete knowledge of the Universe.

I find myself baffled.

Any phenomenon that occurs in nature is, by definition, a natural phenomenon. Even a 368 dimensional hyperverse that's so far beyond our grasp that science may never find evidence of it, is a natural phenomenon.

Of course you can rule out the supernatural......because it is impossible for anyone to argue that anything on par with the 368 dimensional hyperverse cannot be a natural phenomenon. How on Earth could any such argument be made ? If there are things that are beyond the scope of science to even detect naturally......then by what conceivable means could anyone argue they were supernatural as opposed to natural ?

I hope you grasp my logic. I consider it a proof that the supernatural cannot exist.

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