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I agree with your logic completely. But sometimes it seems like you hate this particular non-sense concept so much that you seem to forget the fact that theist use it all the time. I've certainly heard it numerous times in my life. Are you really just mad because we Atheist seem to keep beating a dead horse here?

Comment 3 by Schrodinger's Cat :

This a an important distinction that I have been writing about for some time. I hold to Methodological Naturalism exactly because there is no way to show the absence of the Supernatural. Yes, I know there are those who want to define the Supernatural out of existence, but you can't do that without complete knowledge of the Universe.

I find myself baffled.

Any phenomenon that occurs in nature is, by definition, a natural phenomenon. Even a 368 dimensional hyperverse that's so far beyond our grasp that science may never find evidence of it, is a natural phenomenon.

Of course you can rule out the supernatural......because it is impossible for anyone to argue that anything on par with the 368 dimensional hyperverse cannot be a natural phenomenon. How on Earth could any such argument be made ? If there are things that are beyond the scope of science to even detect naturally......then by what conceivable means could anyone argue they were supernatural as opposed to natural ?

I hope you grasp my logic. I consider it a proof that the supernatural cannot exist.

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