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I have felt for quite some time that we burden ourselves unnecessarily with over complications when we examine or define proposition because "we can". Staying close to an initial Hypothesis allows one to clearly define a proposition and the chances for a working theory are greatly simplified and more prone to success. We think in the abstract so the prospect of our endless imagining can bring forth a chrome butterfly or fantastic purple monster but simple percentages of actual sightings for these, being zero, can attest to a fairly certain speculation regarding their existence. Should a chrome butterfly show up then I will concede it's existence but I will not attach a supernatural explanation for it's emergence. We cannot as yet confront or confirm our imaginings but hopefully that day is not to far away and the clarity we inherit on that day will serve a grand purpose for a reduction in speculation in purporting imaginings as truths.

I am a blues guitarist and fan so I will use a blues euphemism regarding the "God has nothing left to do" quote early on in this post and it is this - You can't loose what you never had.

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