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@Al Denelsbeck: "But there is no way to show the absence of anything."

This got me thinking......We must be able to show the absence of something. Of everything. How ? it has to be there before to be absent now. Does this apply to the natural world or the supernatural or both. Maybe this apples to belief in the supernatural more. If we were never told there was a god, we would not have a reason to disbelieve. I am not suggesting there was a god or supernaturals, only that the belief of these was present. Those who a recovering from indoctrination may understand my point better.

Earthquakes were thought to be caused by the supernatural. Why the shift. Evidence to the contrary.

Is the cat dead , or alive, or dead and alive. That we do not yet fully understand the Universe and it's elegant weirdness does not justify to be called supernatural.

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