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@ Quine: How do you not go insane with high blood pressure reviewing this stuff? I guess someone has to or they would get away with it all too easy next thing you know it becomes standard instead of metric and you are missing the right socket for the Nut.

@rrh1306: The horse/pig is not dead yet, it keeps resuscitating itself and pretending to be Jesus. whap whap whap take that you f*&%()^

@aroundtown: Lets record some supernatural music. The set list is as follows:

"God has nothing left to do" "You can't loose what you never had" "Deep in pig Shit and she likes it" "Heavier than Air my fart won't fly" "You don't think like we do WTF" "Dead Horse with a name" "Absence ? Hadn't noticed (till ya brought it up hmm." "Supernatural Funk"

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