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The dispicable and sick actions taken by this teacher in a Pasedena public school (or had they occured anywhere else for that matter) are in my view tantamount to multiple counts of:

  1. religious persecution
  2. terror attacks on young children
  3. pshycological child abuse

I am calling all you at the RDF and all readers to approach American psychology professionals to print their response to the article far and wide. I will personally be contacting the online edition of Psychology Today, and I ask that all you folks do the same. I want the American public (and the world) to know what harm is likely to have been caused by an adult telling the very young, that "to live, you''ll have to believe in Jesus".

I asked myself " what if, like me, they simply couldn't believe in Jesus?" Will they be quietly suffering a fear of iminent death, too afrais to ask for fear of an answer that confirms the penalty? Are they living in fear (or confusion) that at anytime now, their little life might suddenly end? Are they feeling guilty or traumatised by this experience? I should think so! The fact that some 'might be', is in my view enough to send in the councillors, to teach them that this man was only expressing his own personal 'opinion' due to his own beliefs for which there is no evidence. Further-more, this man should be made to re-visit these kids and explain that he made a mistake in presenting his personal opinion as if it were fact. These kids need to be helped now.

By the way, I ran an interesting experiment at my workplace here in Sydney Australia today.

I asked my employer (as he was at hand).....

At first, I related the story Katherine told us but substituted the teacher for an 'Islamist teacher', and I substituted Jesus for Mohammed and Allah.

I then asked if he felt that the Islamist teacher had committed an act of terror. He took a while to chew it over (he has a very contemplative, cautious nature - quite admirable) and eventually concluded that indeed, it was an act of terror.

Upon my relating the true story, he agreed, he would not change his verdict, it remained an act of terror in his view. Interesting. Mine too!.

Please keep on this like the preverbial bulldog!

Richard, there are just so very many issues being thrown up at us every day that I wonder if we could make much more virulent progress if the RDF assigned/farmed out each issue to interested readers/commentators to work on with the govt, media, public - rather than letting them all fall by the wayside and eventually petering out as they get overtaken by the next issue?

I look forward to seeing you and Lawrence Krauss on 12.4.2012 at Sydney Grammer School.

Kindest Regards Tony Ansell

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